10 Fabulous Last Minute Hostess Gifts

I put myself up to the challenge of finding some pretty, affordable and easy hostess gifts.  I limited myself to my local pharmacy and the web.  This was an exercise in extreme last minute-ness!  I took my son in the stroller to the pharmacy during his witching hour.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you can find in the pharamacy these days. 

So here are my 10 pics for last minute hostess gifts:

1) Cookbook - What a great gift for the hostess that likes to cook or is just learning how.  Pharmacies carry a nice selection of books.  They often have bestsellers at a discount. 

2) Magazine subscription - This is one gift idea that you can easily order online.  Just write up a nice message on a notecard and let your hostess know that they'll be receiving their monthly subscription.  You can also pick up the most recent issue of the magazine, attach a bow and your notecard if you want to bring an actual gift rather than simply a card with you.

3) Music -  The gift of music is great at any time of the year.  You can email or print an iTunes gift card.  If you prefer, you can pick up a CD at your local pharmacy.  Most pharmacies sell compilation CD's and have demo stations where you can hear the music before you buy.

4) Tea - I found a great selection of gourmet teas in beautiful packaging.  This is a nice, thoughtful and fairly inexpensive gift to keep your hostess warm during the holidays. Pick 2 to 3 different teas in nice tins, line them up in a row and wrap them in cellophane with some ribbon.

5) Coffee - Just like the teas, you can find some beautifully packaged gourmet coffees at the pharmacy.  If you prefer, you can stop by your local coffee shop to get your hostess' favorite blend.  Coffee shops tend to have late hours and pre-packaged gifts that make this another last minute winner.

6) Chocolates - I found some of the most beautifully packaged European chocolates at my local pharmacy. I like to look for chocolates with beautiful packaging.  Some that you wouldn't normally splurge on for yourself.  Just pile up a few and tie them with some beautiful ribbon.

7) Olive oil - I know there are a few foodies who are questioning me.  I found some nice Italian EVOO packaged in a wine bottle.  My pharmacy sells fresh baguettes so if you want an extra something, bring a nice bottle of Olive Oil and a baguette. Who doesn't like some fresh bread dipped in olive oil?!

8) Candy dish - I found a great tapas dish set for just under $10 at my pharmacy (in the image above).  What I love about this is that you can fill it with candies, nuts, dried fruit, or even dips.  You can find hummus and dips in the fridge section of many pharmacies.  Whether you find a single candy dish or a set like I found, fill the bowls, wrap them in cello and you're good to go.  Too lazy (or late) to clean the dish and fill it with goodies?  Just toss the dish in a gift bag and you're on your way.

9) Nuts and dried fruit - You can find some great options when it comes to dried fruit and nuts.  The selection of dried fruit that I found at the pharmacy was beautiful.  From mangoes and figs to beautiful spiced nuts, this is sweet and savory winner.

10) Gift Cards - If you've got to get something for the hostess that has it all or is extremely picky, I'd say go with a gift card.  These days you can get your pick of gift cards for most national retailers at your local pharmacy. Most were avaiable starting from $25.

Do you have any last minute hostess gift ideas? 

Happy gifting,

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