Add Some Sparkle to Your Gifts!

Photos by Mark Blinch Photography
Who doesn't like a little sparkle?  For this gift box, I used a simple rhinestone buckle.  You'll need to sew the ribbon on or you could cheat by using some double sided tape!  I found this buckle at a sewing supply shop.  You can probably find something similar at your local craft store.   The best part of this idea is that if you have a nice box, you don't need to wrap it.  Just please, please, get some nice ribbon.  A nice grosgrain or satin would work well for this.  You can even layer 2 colors or ribbon as I did.  Just promise me you won't use curling ribbon or you'll break my heart.

How do you add sparkle to your gift wrapping?  We'd love to hear your ideas.

Happy gifting,

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