Add Some Sparkle to Your Gifts!

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Who doesn't like a little sparkle?  For this gift box, I used a simple rhinestone buckle.  You'll need to sew the ribbon on or you could cheat by using some double sided tape!  I found this buckle at a sewing supply shop.  You can probably find something similar at your local craft store.   The best part of this idea is that if you have a nice box, you don't need to wrap it.  Just please, please, get some nice ribbon.  A nice grosgrain or satin would work well for this.  You can even layer 2 colors or ribbon as I did.  Just promise me you won't use curling ribbon or you'll break my heart.

How do you add sparkle to your gift wrapping?  We'd love to hear your ideas.

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5 Ways to Wrap a Wine Bottle

Wrapping bottles can be tricky but there are so many creative ways to wrap wine bottleand I thought I'd share 5 beautiful ideas.  Use these to wrap wine bottles or EVOO for hostess gifts. They're an easy DIY project as well! 

Fabric Wraps 

Fabric wine bottle wrapare both elegant and eco-friendly.  You can use a tea towel or a piece of fabric Furoshiki style (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth). The Japanese have been using Furoshiki for centuries.  Check out these instructions for Furoshiki wine bottle wraps for 1 or 2 bottles.   

Tea Towel Wine Bottle Wrapping Image
Tea Towel Wine Bottle Wrapping
I used a tea towel to create the look above.  This works greaas hostess gift.  Your hostess can keep the tea towel once done and there's no wasted wrapping.  You can find beautiful tea towels at discount stores.  If you're ok with a splurge, check out the tea towels aAnthropologie.  They always have some really cute embroidered ones.  Just remember that you'll be using the tea towel upside down to wrap the wine bottle.  So keep this in mind when selecting your design. 

Tissue Wraps 

Martha Stewart has demonstrated how beautiful tissue paper wrapping can be.  We all have tissue at home so this is beautiful and easy when you're in a pinch. You can find some beautiful patterned tissues and they sell it everywhere so it's easy and affordable if you need to get it last minute.  Here's my version.  I used tissue with holiday inspired colors and secured it with yarn.  

Tissue Paper Wine Bottle Wrapping Image
Tissue Paper Wine Bottle Wrapping

Ribbon Wrap 

I think this is just stunning. There's so many options of ribbons to choose from.  You can make such a statement with the ribbon you pick.  Just a hint, secure the ribbon with a glue dot at the top of the bottle, then wrap around the whole bottle.  Make sure not to let any of the bottle peep through.  Once done wrapping, you can secure the ribbon at the bottom with another glue dot.  You then use a separate piece to tie a bow. 

Ribbon Wine Bottle Wrapping Image
Ribbon Wine Bottle Wrapping

Recycled Sweater 

I love cable knit sweaters so I must admit that this is one my favorites.  I got inspired from another blog for this idea.  Check out Grey Likes Weddings for DIY instructions. I love the warmth of this look.  Don't have aold sweater you want to cut up?  Here's aalternative, buy a cute pair of knee socks to get a similar look. Drop the wine bottle into one sock and use the other to tie around the neck.  

Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Wrapping Image
Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Wrapping


Ornament or Bottle Stopper Detail 

I love the simplicity of tying ribbon around the bottle with a beautiful ornament. You can get cute ornaments for such great prices. I found this ornament at the local discount store for just $1.99. If the holiday look isn't what you're after, attach a wine stopper instead. 
Ornament Detail Wine Bottle Wrapping Image
Ornament Detail Wine Bottle Wrapping

Do you have any other creative ideas for wrapping wine bottles? Share them in the comments below. 
Happy gifting, 

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