5 Ways to Wrap a Wine Bottle

Wrapping bottles can be tricky but there are so many creative ways to wrap wine bottles and I thought I'd share 5 beautiful ideas.  These ideas are great for wrapping wine bottles or EVOO for hostess gifts or favors.

Fabric Wraps
Fabric wine bottle wraps are both elegant and eco-friendly.  I found this stunning photo for inspiration. You can use a tea towel as in the image below or a piece of fabric Furoshiki style (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth). The Japanese have been using Furoshiki for centuries.  Check out these instructions for Furoshiki wine bottle wraps for 1 or 2 bottles. 

Source: Reasons to Breathe
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Tissue Wraps
Martha Stewart has demonstrated how beautiful tissue paper wrapping can be.  We all have tissue at home so this is beautiful and easy when you're in a pinch.

Source: Martha Stewart.com
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Ribbon Wrap
I think this is just stunning.  It's another great find from Better Homes and Gardens.  Click on the image for DIY instructions.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens
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Recycled Sweater
I love cable knit sweaters so I must admit that this is one my favorites.  Check out Grey Likes Weddings for DIY instructions.

Source: Grey Likes Weddings
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Ornament Detail
I love the simplicity of tying ribbon around the bottle with a beautiful ornament at the holidays. I found a beautiful photo of a bottle adorned with festive bells on apartystyle.com.

Source: A Party Style
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This is an easy and beautiful way to wrap a bottle. I created my own version using a pine cone ornament that I found at Crate and Barrel for under $1. 

If the holiday look isn't what your after, look at this photo for inspiration. I found this on bhg.com. You can simply find a bottle stopper with the design of your choice for a less festive look.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens
(Click image to link to original source)

Do you have any other creative ideas for wrapping wine bottles? Share them with us!

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