Dreaming of Summer: Sandbox Centerpiece

It's been a while since I've posted.  I've been busy getting some stuff done in our house and working on a special gift for my mom's birthday.  The important thing is that I'm back and ready to blog.

This is a post that I've had in my back pocket for a while. Ok, since August.  I have to warn you that it does have a summery feel to it.  I'm not trying to tease you, I just thought it would be appropriate to share a warm weather idea so that we can all dream of summer again.  Plus, I didn't want to wait until next summer to share the idea.

Ok, so back to the details of this project.  My fuzzin (fake cousin) and his wife, had a little baby boy named Issie.  As soon as I got the call that the baby was born and that it was a boy, I started brainstorming on centerpiece ideas for the bris (religious circumcision ceremony).  They only needed one centerpiece for the buffet table so it needed to be substantial. 

I decided to create a sandbox centerpiece.  Michael's was having their summer clearance sale and the timing couldn't be better! I found a great basket that looked like a sandbox.  I spray painted wood letters and spelled out the baby's name on the side of the basket.  I added a few other decorative wood details that I found at Michael's.  I filled the basket with crumpled newspaper.  Doing so ensured that I would only need a small amount of sand.  I then lined the basket with Press n' Seal wrap to keep the sand from seeping through the cracks in the basket.  Since this was going to be a centerpiece place next to food, I dediced not to use sand and opted for graham cracker crumbs instead.  They're cleaner and really did end up looking like sand.  I arranged some sand toys in the graham cracker crumbs and even sprinkled some on the toys to make it look a little more realistic.  All in all, it was a very simple DIY centerpiece.  You can create something similar for a birthday party, baby naming or summer party.

Have you planned a sandbox themed party?  How have your incorporated the theme into the decor? 

Happy crafting,

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