Part 5: Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas to Inspire You!

This is the final post for this holiday gift wrapping series.  If you like the simplicity and elegance of black and white, you'll love the ideas I have for you here!

Black and white stripped paper with cookie cutter embellishment

This first one is a gift wrapped with a gift embellishment.  I found this beautiful blue snowflake cookie cutter at Michael's.  I love the idea of using something that is a gift add-on as part of the wrapping, especially when you're to design an original look for your holiday gift wrapping.  I can't recall the exact price of this cookie cutter but I do remember it was less $2, so very affordable.

Black and white stripped paper with sparkly black ribbon

I love the simplicity of this sparkly black bow.  The ribbon is actually paper ribbon.  The look reminds me of Audrey Hepburn...don't you agree?! This look can be used all year round.  The sparkle is what gives it a holiday feel.  It's a great way to wrap a hostess gift for a new year's eve party.  Pop some champagne and you're really feeling the new year's eve parties approaching!

If you want a look like this, make sure you have some double sided tape to keep the ribbon in place. 

Black and white stripped paper with gold web ribbon

Gold ribbon truly fits the holiday gift wrapping look.  But you don't have to go with the same old curling ribbon your grandmother used to use. Michael's literally has THOUSANDS of ribbon options.  Put me in the ribbon aisle and I can spend the day there.  Better yet, take me to Mokuba in NYC or Toronto! If you've never been, I highly recommend you make your way there.  Walking in Mokuba is like walking into ribbon heaven for me!

Ok so moving on, try to look for something different.  Look how special this gift becomes with this gold web ribbon.  You will see that this bow sits nicely without flopping . That's because there's wire in this ribbon.  I love wired ribbons because it's so easy to shape your ribbon.

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