Part 4: Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas to Inspire You!

It's holiday gift wrapping time again and I have been dying to share this post with you. I'm using gold and green wrapping paper here, what I would consider to be more on the traditional side of the holiday gift wrapping colors.  But the print is not overly holiday looking (at least not to me).  I love the sparkly and shimmer of this paper.  And I really love the green and gold.  If you're going to do holiday colors, this is the way to do it.   

Wrapping with green, gold and holiday ornaments

In this first image, I used a shimmering ornament that has a crystal feel.  Adding an ornament like this is like giving 2 gifts in one! This takes adding embellishments to your holiday gift wrapping to a whole new level.  I found this one at my local discount store for about $10 and so it is by no means a cheap way to wrap a gift.  But like I said, it becomes part of the gift.  So if you bought something a little below your budget and want to finish it off, this is a great way to incorporate an extra little something to your present.  

Wrapping with green, gold and holiday ornaments

In this second image, I used a kelly green beaded napkin ring to look like a wreath.  The ribbon is recycled ribbon.  It came with the packaging on a blanket I purchased years ago.  I'm telling you, keep your eyes open and save these free gems.  The beaded napkin rings are great because you can get a set for a under 10 dollars which means your embellishments are under $2.50 each.   

Let me know about your holiday gift wrapping inspiration in the comments below. 

Happy gifting! 


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